Maintaining Our Online Business While Travelling



Owning and Operating an online business is perfect for people who love to travel. It provides income along with freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want. It sounds like a glamorous lifestyle and it is once you acquire the skills to balance business and pleasure.

You require discipline, planning and a schedule that you follow so that you stay on target to meet your business goals. These are a few techniques that I have implemented into my day so that I stay focused on the business while not missing any of the sights on our travels.

Know when you are most productive and use that time to focus on your daily activities. I am most productive in the mornings, so I am out of bed and working by 5am each day. I can carve out two or three hours before heading out for the fun travel adventures. Then I spend another couple of hours late afternoon evening completing tasks that are less time sensitive.

To operate my business I rely heavily on phone and internet service. I often experience disruption in my business when traveling through the lack of coverage. Planning ahead allows me to make and book calls when I know I will be in service. This sometimes means leaving a destination earlier or later than you anticipated.

Set aside one day a week to catch up on any unfinished business. I use this time for team calls, training, marketing and scheduling social media posts so that I maintain a consistent presence. Keep a calendar, plan and use the time dedicated to work to stay on top of your schedule that way you can enjoy your leisure days knowing that your business is not missing a beat.

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